VARious ARtists' ARtistry

Various Artist's Artistry

formerly Splendor Of Amusement.NYC.

Many talented artists, and their links. 


Various Orchid's

Various Orchid's The Book

My first online book of poetry and artwork.


Var Ar Ar

Var Ar Ar The Book

By: La Orquidia

Scientists, Witches, Wizards, Dragons and more.

Rated: M and E

(Two versions available)


Aging Orchid

Aging Orchid By: Orquidia Snyder

The second online book of my poetry and artwork.


La Orquidia

La Orquidia

Is a blog of important information dealing with different parts of this website, including origin stories and my bio, 


The Conventions

The National Association of Conventions presents Science Con


The Convention of Covens

are both part of the Var Ar Ar story.

Once the book is published these links will be filled in. 

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Additional Information

This site also includes:

profiles from SplendorOfAmusement.NYC and, Also featuring Various Orchid’s,

Aging Orchid, and from the book Var Ar Ar: NACscienceCon,  and COCoVar, and LaOrquidia biography.