Raven By: Orchid

I saw a raven on my way to the marathon,

It fed on dead flesh and fresh blood,

I saw a raven on the way to a marathon.

Train Ride By: Orchid

And she sat there, 

Wheels turning,

In conclusion of her own life,

And her own misery. 

Realizing that happiness was a child's game,

Happiness was a fantasy, 

Fantasies are for stories.

Tears streamed and she couldn't stop them, 

flowing for days of endless pain, 

and yet the wheels keep turning.

Not Enough By: Orchid

Almost there

HA! I kid myself

Never going to be

Don’t try 

Efforts are wasted



Soon enough 



Can’t breath 

What is happiness 

Wasted on me

Love me

Why bother 

Be gone

And free 

A Future By: Orchid

In the darkness, I find you

I am not afraid

Hypnotizing brown

Lips embracing 

Horror, Fear, Pain, 

You don’t scare me

You have my soul in your eyes

I need your promise, forever 

Reading, writing,

Passionate love making 

Touch me with your fears

I am your advocate 

Cut me with your salivating blade, 

I ooze 

Fill me with your medicine

Sanity, Normalcy, Shame,

Not likely 

One bleeding heart, 

Four simple stitches of life

Holding together my decaying organs

No one is you

Where Have They Gone? By: Orchid

The flirty glances

Kisses of love


Intimacy kidnapped 

No ransom in words 

Passion out of sight 


If not to gaze upon my blank nudity 


More tears shed 

No touch


July4 By: Orchid

The moon over our sky, 

we share, 

but our love is 

beyond the infinite space!

Poetry by La Orquidia

August Fifth

I saw a beetle 

as big as a plum

green, like money

that pays for your happiness

Envy, sweet envy, BEETLE!

going septic

in your pink ice cream

My pink ice cream?

i chose vanilla! 

Hurry up and bleed


first, plead

Your guilt is undeniable 

hanging me with 

your wasted minutes 

My time is no longer

of value to anyone,

including myself

I whisper to him,

live another day,

so I may die later,

She can’t leave, 

or I will no longer 

exist in my brain

Sugary words of forever,

that I am prediabetic for 

The purple orchid 

that has bloomed the same 

bud, three times over ten 

and the fourth on the eighteenth? 




aged at eight

trusted adult

perverted secret

no, not accepted 

locked in, cannot run

have to endure


smell of sweat

taste of salt and insanity 


three times the age 

a thousand times the disgust

over in minutes 

lingers forever


if I wrote you a letter, 

would you listen to the words

when does numb 

stop being so painful

why is everything 

so wrong 

hopes and dreams are for everyone 

but me


a forever commitment 


not a hard request

blood stained tears

blacked veins 

injected love 

infected life


haunting past

cannot remember

Not Them

There are people here that want the world to burn

and I warm my hands by the fire

I don’t want to watch the world burn

I want it to bloom

be beautiful 

full of love

Those who allow themselves to burn in it

are responsible for their own actions

I just want to positively change one person’s day, everyday

That is a great day!! 

not them part ii

there are people here that want the world to burn

and I warm my hands by the fire

forever in the background 

burning spotlight 

judging unacceptable 

humble down, humble down, you stupid clown

read the fine print

i came with a warning label

you just won’t take the time to read it

at first

hesitation for his circumstances 

continue on

a caress, soft slow

down my spine

It's alright,

don't stop

gradually a kiss



never end

take me 

i am now forever your's

longing complete

craving extinguished 


forever more