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Born May 7, 1979 to parents of both Puerto Rican and German descent on a military base in North Carolina (Camp Lejeune) ARTNOMETRY  would make his arrival into a world desperate for change and open to the idea of revolution through art. 

At the tender age of four ARTNOMETRY immediately gravitated towards anything that would help him express his abstract and sometimes morbid imagination. One might say that his parents decision to move to the Bronx a few months after his birth may have impacted his psyche on a subconscious level. 

After a series of moves between the Bronx and Indiana, ARTNOMETRY’s mother decided that a gypsy lifestyle no longer served her family and rooted her future in New York City soil. Here is where the seeds would be planted for an aspiring artist  to take root in his craft and exercise his overactive imagination in a city that was teeming with diversity and notorious throughout the world for its role in promoting self expression and individuality. 

As a teenager in High School, ARTNOMETRY would lead a rather disciplined lifestyle and took his education quite seriously. His life at that time revolved around maintaining a respectable GPA and adjusting to the norm of life as a teenager in a very challenging environment. 

At that time art took a back seat to his academic pursuits. It wasn't until his senior year in High School that ARTNOMETRY would be required to take an art class, an art class taught by a teacher who not only recognized ARTNOMETRY’s potential as an artist but helped him to realize that maybe, just maybe, his academics can take a back seat to his art. 

When it came time for ARTNOMETRY to apply for colleges, decisions had to be made, and guidance was needed. That all too familiar teenage right of passage was inevitable, a sit down with his guidance counselor in regards to his very near future. 

With thoughts of a career in art still fresh on his mind thanks to an encouraging teacher, it was clear where ARTNOMETRY wanted to go. ARTNOMETRY let it be known to his guidance counselor that he wished to attend the School Of Visual Arts. 

Being that his High School was not renowned for any significant art programs ARTNOMETRY was advised that applying to such a school would not be in his best interest. Instead, he was advised to pursue a more realistic path that was more aligned with his High Schools curriculum. 

Strongly disagreeing with that advice ARTNOMETRY would take it upon himself to apply to the School Of Visual Arts. The application that he submitted would be his one and only for an accredited art school. This would be his 'Hail Mary' pass as the chances of being accepted by such a school were slim to none. 

After receiving ARTNOMETRY’s application the School Of Visual Arts would follow up with a phone call to his residence and from there an interview was scheduled. A slightly nervous ARTNOMETRY would eventually show up to that interview and managed to stay composed throughout the process. Feeling quite confident after the interview was over, all ARTNOMETRY could do was wait for a response. 

On a quiet summer day the phone rang and ARTNOMETRY’s mother answered it while in the kitchen with ARTNOMETRY. She was informed that he was accepted into the School Of Visual Arts. This news would bring both great joy and great disappointment to mother and son within a span of seconds. ARTNOMETRY was told by his mother that the tuition fee was too expensive and that unfortunately she could not afford to send him to that school. 

The heart breaking news would challenge ARTNOMETRY to seek out an alternative means of realizing his dreams. Attending a community college shortly after which offered nothing in regards to art, ARTNOMETRT quickly lost interest and left after one semester. He would go on to pursue a job and has been working ever since. 

We all come to a point in our lives where we ask ourselves that infamous question: Where do I go from here? In the case of a young aspiring artist from the Bronx; that question would take him to Indiana, back to NYC, and California.

It was in California (The Bay Area) that ARTNOMETRY would find himself in an entirely different environment as he sought out answers to his future. While residing with his father he would capitalize on the fact that he didn't know anyone else and found comfort in his craft. 

On occasion ARTNOMETRY would go to San Francisco where he found himself enchanted by its esoteric energy and artistic landscape. The experience was so profound that it introduced him to a side of himself that he never knew existed. Drawing on the energy and inspiration from the land, a transformation took place. Things began to rapidly manifest. It was in San Francisco that ARTNOMETRY would become the artist that we know today as DETOUR. 

Currently in NYC, DETOUR is establishing a name for himself on the art scene and hopes to inspire people to pursue what is in their hearts to do. His message is simple yet powerful: 

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