The Book


As It Is Not Seen

Not Seen  By: Orquidia Matos

As it is not seen, Behind the door

Through the window, Behind the walls

As it is not seen, Behind you

In front of you, Inside of you

As it is not seen, Behind your friends

Through your family, Inside their souls

As it is not seen, Behind your back

In your mind, Inside your soul

For it is not seen, Never will it be seen.


Promise Me

Promise Me Not By: Orquidia Snyder

My life and heart, your promise, 

Your unkept promise, my broken heart.

You promise me the world, and give me an island.

You promise me a cake, and give me frosting.

You promise me a garden of flowers 

and give me a bag of dirt.

Your broken promises, my broken love for you.

Your promises are like a dagger, when you don’t hold up your promises you let it fall, and stab me in the heart.

Don’t promise me anymore,

Simply promise me not.



Goodbye to You By: Orquidia Snyder

I love you so much, But I missed you so

I was never good enough, I just didn’t know,

You’re always in my heart, Even if we are apart,

It felt good when you held me, It felt good when we kissed,

But you couldn’t help me, And that’s where you missed,

So goodbye for now, Or goodbye forever,

I wish you the best. We were good together.

Poetry and Artwork



She Is a Phoenix By: Orquidia Snyder

Her wings are spread

She’s ready for take off

Her beautiful tail flows behind her

Her beautiful hair rests on her body. 

He comes from the skies 

To stop her take off

His darkness interrupts her heart

His violence spills her blood

Why does he hurt her

Why does he leave her to die

She may be beautiful

But she is a lie

She is not what she seems

She is not as beautiful as she looks

She is dark inside

She has broken his heart

She is a phoenix

Beautiful but a mystery

As she dies there is no bright light

But darkness that consumes her soul forever



The New Mom By: Orquidia Snyder

I look at her and I can’t help but cry,

She is my love, the apple of my eye,

She has changed my life,

I am a new mom and wife,

The first time she cried,

It woke up my mind,

The first time I held her,

I knew our love was forever,

She’s grown up so fast,

I would never regret the past,

Now that I’m a new mom,

She holds my life in her palm,

But I control our future together,

I will be her mother forever.



A Feeling By: Orquidia Matos

A ring so meaningful 

To the heart and peace of mind,

Someone as wonderful as you 

placed it on a finger of mine,

A warm smile and sweet kiss 

sealed the deal love brings within,

Such a perfect love 

for an imperfect person,

The love will last.

And this feeling will stay forever.



Anxiety By: Orquidia Snyder

My heart is beating faster 

My body continues to shake

Am I awake, how long will it take

Yes it is a lie

I have the proof to verify

So what will I do

Is this relationship through

Or will they tell another lie

And let them multiply

My heart still beats faster

But that does not matter

I want them in my arms

With her smile and his charm

She is alive and fine

And his heart is not mine



Wish By: Orquidia Snyder

My wish for you

Is for you to grow up

With happiness in your heart

And wonderful dreams in your mind

My wish for you

Is for your passion

For whatever you enjoy doing

To grow with my encouragement

My wish for you

Is for your life

To be full of many lessons

That you only have to learn from once

My wish for you

Is for your education

From school and myself

Stay in your mind and grow more and more

My wish for you

Is for your health

To be at it’s best at all times

And for you to keep it well to the best of your ability

My wish for you

Is for you to know

That I will always love you

With more love then any mother can give to her daughter

She Is

By: Orquidia Snyder

She is the passion in my heart

That makes my skin tingle

She is the reason to wake up and smile

The reason to grow old in love

She is my reality

The reality that no one can steal from me

She is my engine in my body

The reason I keep running so well

She is why my life has taken a turn for the better

Why my bad habits have disappeared

She is my air

For without I cannot breathe

She is why people call all the time

The reason my family is the way it is

The reason there has been a new addition to my family

She is me